Cold, Warmth, and Planning


Today, the 19th of May, 2015, was a beautiful, warm, summery day here in Montreal. I had planned to do various chores indoors after an essential errand after which I thought I’d also stop by Le Caravane Café to sit at one of their outside tables, for un petit repas. But my singer friend Ina, my music collaborator and fellow student of Indian music, called and asked if we could meet in a park sometime and try some jamming in Raga Megh, of which she’d recently become enamoured. I replied that it looked like we were in for some cooler days ahead, so she suggested we seize the day and meet this very afternoon. So after my errand I met her across town in parc Lafontaine, one of the city’s nicest parks, not far from her place.

Heading out, I’d checked the Weather Network’s radar and forecast to see if…

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About kaimuse

Kai Matthews is a musician, composer, and philosopher-in-training (with degrees in both fields, to the extent that that means anything.) As a 12th-generation American and 8th-generation Canadian, but born as an ex-pat in Germany and feeling more European in outlook, he feels at once both a deep rootedness in and a critical reserve toward his culture. He feels most comfortable being a little out of his milieu - that is, being uncomfortable and challenged. He's a cisgendered hetero white boy who's lived in a gay neighbourhood in San Francisco, and is a middle-class WASPy anglophone living in a poor, multi-cultural immigrant 'hood where most people's first language is neither French nor English. He was a rock and roll hippie getting a classical composition degree at a jazz school, and is a perpetual beginner student of North Indian classical music, in which his Western training is less help than hindrance. In philosophy, he naïvely wonders why the perpetually feuding analytic and Continental traditions can't just get along...

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