When a Cloud Swallows a Mountain

IMG_6087I graded in the clouds this morning, far above the city I love, feeling like an Olympian God: a retired Olympian God, who grew tired, one day, of his own world-historical significance. He just wasn’t feeling it anymore. Just wasn’t for him: the whole Alpha-Male, King-of-the-Mountain thing. So he traded in the corner-office, the power-suit and the perks, for a cooking class, some Netflix, and a love of butterflies. He gave up the whole thunder-and-lightning, Angry-Sky-God thing, to become a high-school drama teacher, with a receding hairline, coffee breath, and brown leather shoes. This is what happens, you see, when a cloud swallows a mountain.

—John Faithful Hamer, From Here (2016)

About John Faithful Hamer

John Faithful Hamer is a college professor who still can't swim, drive, or pay his bills on time. His sense of direction is notoriously unreliable, yet he'd love to tell you where to go. His lack of practical skills is astounding, and his inability to fix things is renowned, yet he'd love to tell you what to do. His mismanagement of time is legendary, as is his inability to remember appointments, yet he fancies himself a philosopher and would love to tell you how to live. He wouldn't survive in a state of nature, of that we can be sure; but he's doing quite well in the big city, which has always been a refuge for the ridiculous, a haven for the helpless, and a friend to the frivolous.

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