Jean-Louis Asks The Tribe: Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Chicken Crossing the Road
Chicken Crossing the Road — Image by © Corbis

GREG LINSTER – “It’s getting safely out of the way of my surfing and skiing.”

JOHN FAITHFUL HAMER – Link to Committing Sociology essay: “In Praise of Chickens Crossing the Street and Never Asking Why”

NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB – “Sophistry! I told the Chicken to fuck off and zapped him.”

WALTER MARSH – “It’s on its way to our Yoga center.”

AARON HASPEL – “We invent more stupid reasons for crossing the street than ever occurred to any chicken.”

DAVID BOXENHORN – Link to new study showing that chickens cross the street more freely in Israel than anywhere else in the world.

MARK ‘GURU’ BAKER – “It’s sprinting . . . to escape all the overweight losers and immigrants hooked on McNuggets.”

ELENI PANAGIOTARAKOU – “Does anyone have any scholarly articles about the treatment of chickens in Attic Greece?”

GRAEME BLAKE – “I coach chickens on how to get to the other side but being paleo, I also devour them when they get there.”

COREY LAW – “It wants to join our happy organic farm.”

PASCAL VENIER – Photo du poulet . . . in Manchester UK.

PIETRO BONAVITA – “Merda! Another migrant heading our way.”

VERGIL DEN – ”It wants to peck at my tree.”

MICHEL DAB – “Whatever the reason, Government should stay out of it.”

ANNA-LIISA AUNIO – “My students are trying to catch it for our rooftop garden.”

STANISLAV YURIN – Link to ‘Follow the Chicken’ search tool.

DANIELLE FARIBAULT – “I read the whole 4 volume history of chickens last night and it didn’t mention anything about that.”


JAFFER ALI – “What did you expect. It wants to get away from the murderous drone bombing.”

JED TROTT – “It’s running away from all my kids.”

NICHOLAS TEAGUE – “Don’t care. I’m fasting today.”

VINCE POMAL – “Don’t know but I follow chicuns around all the time to find out.”

LEEÇA ST AUBIN – Posted photo of chicken but the tongue is sticking out.

PAUL WEHAGE – Link to some aria.

BAN KANJ – Arabic comment in latin alphabet with reversed ‘3’’s and new profile pix of Ban with chicken.

AARON ELLIOTT – “I have a great recipe for chicken.”

JEAN-LOUIS: Cartoon of old guy ranting: ‘I’ve been seeing chickens crossing the streets since I was a kid. And nobody had fucking opinions about it before Social Media.”

—Jean-Louis Rheault

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