It’s Nietzsche’s Fan Club I Can’t Stand

“Nearly every field of human endeavor should be rescued from its admirers.”—Aaron Haspel, Everything: A Book of Aphorisms (2015)

I_d1c2ae_129571-001Nietzsche once sagely observed: “How well Stoicism conceals what one lacks!” Thinking along similar lines, we might now quip: How well a certain kind of Nietzscheism conceals what one lacks—namely, the emotional intelligence of an eight-year-old. Why have the morally colorblind so often found, in Nietzsche’s books, a justification for their own inability to experience empathy and love? Why have narcissists and sociopaths so often found, in Nietzsche, a mobile army of sophisticated (and seemingly noble) rationalizations for what are, in essence, rather boring (and decidedly ignoble) forms of adolescent selfishness? I’ve seen bumper stickers that read: “I’ve got nothing against God. It’s his Fan Club I can’t stand.” Nietzsche scholars should come up with a bumper sticker like that.

—John Faithful Hamer, The Myth of the Fuckbuddy (2016)

About John Faithful Hamer

John Faithful Hamer is a college professor who still can't swim, drive, or pay his bills on time. His sense of direction is notoriously unreliable, yet he'd love to tell you where to go. His lack of practical skills is astounding, and his inability to fix things is renowned, yet he'd love to tell you what to do. His mismanagement of time is legendary, as is his inability to remember appointments, yet he fancies himself a philosopher and would love to tell you how to live. He wouldn't survive in a state of nature, of that we can be sure; but he's doing quite well in the big city, which has always been a refuge for the ridiculous, a haven for the helpless, and a friend to the frivolous.

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