kingpin standingSomehow I feel that the medical system in Quebec has a loose resemblance to an organization that Hell’s Kitchen’s Kingpin would run. To start, I have had my share of bad experiences with the medical system in the last 15 years. None of which I am insinuating are the current Kingpin’s fault. But all of which have been the fault of every other political drone who refuses to initiate real change in our system. There’s lots of talk, and lots of promises, but no real difference in the actual services we are getting.

gaetan barrette standingPersonally, I feel some of the recent tactics the health-care system is employing could be ones that Wilson Fisk himself would use to enrich his evil empire. For instance, this week a family member of mine, living around the corner from Lasalle Hospital, was told by that hospital that they couldn’t do anything for him and that he would have to go to the new McGill Superhospital, which is a 20 minute drive away with a $25 parking fee (he can walk to the Lasalle Hospital.) He does not have a car – so it’s well over an hour to get there by bus and metro.

Today, my father couldn’t even make it to his appointment at the McGill Superhospital by car because of detours and blocked roads.

This is crazy!! It’s like a money-making scheme gone bad. People show up to local hospitals where parking is free or much less than $25, and they are turned away and told to go to a hospital that has very difficult access and which is very expensive to park at. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS CRAZY PROVINCE OF OURS!!!

The glass is getting pretty full. I’ve had administrators of hospitals give me the run around. Ombudsmen ignore me. Nurses don’t take me seriously AND doctors flat out lie to my face! My grandfather, who has Alzheimer’s, is being pumped full of drugs in a government-run health-care facility to keep him docile. My grandmother has been manhandled by the system and is now waiting and waiting and waiting for an operation. My father has had a number of incompetent doctors and nurses mess up major medical procedures which have caused him considerable discomfort and pain and hassles. AND my son was recently given a prescription that was basically wrong and revisited by another doctor one week later! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!

I have officially had it with Quebec Health Care!

Is anyone one else as frustrated as I am? Or is it just me?

Any real solutions out there?  Please. I’m all ears… Honestly.

– Alex Vinetti