Deadwood Zen

Sometimes I cannot resist the urge to write really bad poetry.  This time, the occasion was the removal of some fruit trees from the parking lot of the apartment complex where I live.  –JGM

Remnant of the orchard
Left alive to grow
Rising from the parking lot
Fruit upon the bough

Some came to eat
Some came for shade
Some came for the living
Some came for the dead

Unwanted by the Owner
Twisted by the years
Shedding useless fruit and leaves
Cut down I lie here

Stripped of Life’s sick cloying mess
Dead stump in dry earth
Rotting into dust
I was: now I am not

About kalekotxakur

Joseph Gresham Miller grew up in the southern United States, where his parents provided a well-stocked library and a large garden in lieu of school. As a young man, he left the States for two years to live in northern Spain, where he worked as an LDS Mormon missionary (basically an unpaid intern in corporate sales). After this adventure he went to school for more than a decade to acquire a doctorate in classical studies. Along the way, he met a very nice girl in Latin class, and they had two boys. Today, he and his family live in the mountain West. While his wife works full-time in academia, he adjuncts at local universities, writes, and takes care of the kids. He is interested in finding practical applications for more or less defunct ancient philosophies (especially Cynicism, Skepticism, and Stoicism) in modern life.

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