Mixbook  Beautiful Possibilities A Graphic Introduction to the Examined Life by John Faithful Hamer - Google Chrome 2015-09-27 52513 PMIndie: “Daddy, what’s so good about Good Friday? It wasn’t a particularly good day for Jesus. In fact, it was probably the worst day of his life.”

Me: “Yeah, probably was.”

Indie: “So we’re celebrating the death of an innocent man?

Me: “No!”

Indie: “Sure we are. Think about it, we’re celebrating the day that a guy we supposedly love and care about was tortured and killed. That’s cold.”

Me: “But, um, his death made all sorts of new things possible. It was a necessary plot twist in the story of salvation.”

Indie: “If you die on a Monday, and I inherit a whole bunch of money three days later, can I celebrate the day of your death for the rest of my life and call it Good Monday?”

—John Faithful Hamer, The Myth of the Fuckbuddy (2016)