We’re Getting Better at Communication

15nbi5Canada Revenue Agency: You owe us money.
Me: Why?
Canada Revenue Agency: [Looking at records] Well, it looks like you didn’t pay what you owed in 2010.
Me: Really? that long ago? that’s a surprise—can you tell me what it’s from?
Canada Revenue Agency: [after much ado and a few blind alleys of questions] We reassessed your medical amount and you owe us.
Me: Why?
Canada Revenue Agency: Because we wanted proof of your medical expenses in 2010 and you didn’t send them to us [including, as it turns out, expenses as part of employer insurance clearly ‘proven’ on the T4].
Me: Okay, if I send you that, will that work?
Canada Revenue Agency: Sure.
Me: Good. But, here’s a little catch—I’m not sure if I can get copies of a lot of additional expenses from that far back. Just for my information, can you tell me why it took so long to ask me about this stuff?
Canada Revenue Agency: Yeah. We just updated our computer system. We’re getting better about communicating with people.

—Anna-Liisa Aunio

About AL Aunio

Born in Boston and raised in working-class New Jersey, Anna-Liisa Aunio was awarded the Jon Bon Jovi “Dare to Dream” scholarship in 1992. She was 18. She had big hair. And it was the high point of her life. Been downhill ever since. But seriously, Anna-Liisa restlessly fled the lawns and picket fences of her youth first chance she got. Initially to New York City, where she traded on Wall Street (by day), whilst living like Carrie Bradshaw (by night); then to Baltimore, where she managed a national drop-out prevention program (by day), whilst living like Rick James (by night); and, most recently, to Montreal, where she teaches sociology at Dawson College (by day), whilst living like Claire Dunphy (by night). Along the way, she's picked up a few degrees—a BA from Rutgers, an MA from Johns Hopkins, a PhD from McGill—and a husband. But she'd prefer to talk about her kids.

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