Fellow Americans: No Representation Without Participation

Remember your history class and the rallying cry of the American Revolution: ‘No taxation without representation’?  We obviously need a new revolution, and not of the Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders sort, whose rallying cry is ‘no representation without participation’.

Thanks so much to the New York Times for laying it out so clearly–only 9 percent of the U.S. population voted for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as their presidential candidate.  Only 60 million votes were cast overall in the primaries.  Are you a disaffected voter in this election?  Are you unhappy with both candidates?

But wait….did you vote in the primaries?

Or do you just sit on the sidelines and complain? Maybe it’s time to stop substituting the word ‘disaffected’ for complacent.


Enough said.

About AL Aunio

Born in Boston and raised in working-class New Jersey, Anna-Liisa Aunio was awarded the Jon Bon Jovi “Dare to Dream” scholarship in 1992. She was 18. She had big hair. And it was the high point of her life. Been downhill ever since. But seriously, Anna-Liisa restlessly fled the lawns and picket fences of her youth first chance she got. Initially to New York City, where she traded on Wall Street (by day), whilst living like Carrie Bradshaw (by night); then to Baltimore, where she managed a national drop-out prevention program (by day), whilst living like Rick James (by night); and, most recently, to Montreal, where she teaches sociology at Dawson College (by day), whilst living like Claire Dunphy (by night). Along the way, she's picked up a few degrees—a BA from Rutgers, an MA from Johns Hopkins, a PhD from McGill—and a husband. But she'd prefer to talk about her kids.

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