10325505_534644826647267_3331458339167818942_n41 and still kinda fun
41 and not nearly done
41 and you’ve barely begun

41 and still as dreamy as a wine-soaked nun
41 and still as deadly as a loaded handgun
41 and still as cool as a midnight sun

41 and still as hot as the N’Orleans sun
41 and still as sweet as a hot cross bun
41 and still as funny as a Friends rerun

41 and you’re O’s #1
41 and you’re mamma to a newborn son
41 and you’re wife to a son-of-a-gun

Oh Becky, Becky, forty-one
we’ve lost so much
but look what we’ve won

—John Faithful Hamer, Twilight of the Idlers (2016)